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Re: PATCH: Previous zsh.yo.in patch wasn't good enough

Bart Schaefer wrote:
>} We should probably also rename the lib directory, though this would
>} require additional effort to compile the transformed name into the
>} executable.  Same for the share directory.
>Ick.  This is enough to make me want to back off the name transformations

It's not too bad.  These pathnames are already variable.

The purpose of program name transformations is to avoid clashes with
other programs of the same name.  In the case of zsh, this is only likely
to be a clash with another installation of zsh, but it's still a need.
(For example, one of the places where I used to install zsh regularly
is now required to avoid clashes with the names of system-installed
programs -- including the system's zsh 2.4 installation.)  The clash can
apply to lib directories just as it can to binary names, where there are
multiple installations with the same pathname prefix.  We really should
apply the transform to *all* installed filenames.


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