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Re: Something wrong with prompt themes

Adam Spiers wrote:

> ...
> Eek.  I wasn't really aware that there were any particular conflicts
> between completion format styles and prompt themes ... actually that's
> not true, since the `adam2' prompt theme, which I use the most, makes
> user input bold initially, and I use:
>   compstyle '*:descriptions' format "$fg_bold[white]%d$fg_no_bold[white]"
> But I suspect I'm missing more significant issues here.  Could you
> give a practical example or two where the extension suggested above
> would be worthwhile?

I didn't mean to say that there are conflicts, I was just wondering if 
thought about including defs for the format styles to make them
look-alike with the prompt themes. Probably resulting in a nicer or
more consistent user interface.

> ...
> Yep :-) While I'm not convinced more flexibility is needed in this
> (prompt themes) case, there's no denying that a generic customization
> system would be very worthwhile.  In my mind, the ideal goal would be
> an extension of compstyle for general zsh customization (excepting
> options, of course, because they're fine left as is), and then to have
> some sort of simple front-end customization program (perhaps something
> like the sort of UI the `dialog' program generates?) which harnesses
> this in a user-friendly way.  The upshot behind this would be that
> someone can download, install and have running very quickly a version
> of zsh with all the funky stuff enabled, and actually (roughly)
> understand what all the funky bits do, without having to spend hours
> uploading the zshcompsys man page to their brain.  That would be
> great, IMO.

Any suggestions about how this should/could/would look like?

> Back to the topic in hand.  These 8-bit characters seem to be causing
> several people to wrinkle up their noses, so I should change something
> I guess.

For me at least: only until I had a look at your screen shots...


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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