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Re: pws-11: what exactly is "default" tag?

Andrej Borsenkow wrote:

> Getting my select/colors back :-) I was a bit confused. Doc states, that for
> default menu and list-colors I have to "set them for default tag". Now, the
> semantic of "default tag" is a bit different from "tag default" ... and playing
> with it (looking how I can set defaults for different styles):
> list-colors requires you to set it for '*:default'
> menu happily accepts both '*' and '*:default'
> completer (e.g.) requires you to set it for '*'
> This is realy a bit confusing ... is it possible use either '*' or '*:default'
> as default tag :-) in all places? And properly describe. what "default tag"
> actually means?

Err... `compstyle "*" list-colors ...' works, too. Of course. Because
`*' obviously matches anything `*:default' matches.

And note the difference between list-colors and menu on one side and
completer on the other. The first to are used to define behavior for
adding matches, there may be more than one value used, completer
controls the overall behavior, this can have only one value.

But then, I admit that I thought about this, too -- using a nice tag
to look up things like completer (and the _approximate styles like
max-errors, btw.). But somehow I think `default' would be a bad name
for that, just think:

  compstyle '*:default' completer ...

Sounds as if there were other `completer' styles used elsewhere,
doesn't it?

If anyone has an idea for a good name, please tell me (I once played
with `global' but somehow that didn't look really satisfying either).


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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