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Re: PATCH: chown and chgrp in files module

Zefram <zefram@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> James Kirkpatrick wrote:
> >This does not seem to be the sort of thing that should be built in to a
> >shell, any more than rm, ls, find, or a C compiler :-)
> It's very useful to have these things built into a statically-linked
> system administration shell.  (That's where the request for a builtin
> chown originated.)  In addition to the utilities I listed above, we have
> a `stat' module that effectively makes possible a full implementation
> of ls as a shell function, and zsh globbing with glob qualifiers very
> nearly makes find redundant.

 Which begs the question, who's working on the C compiler ?:)

ObZsh: Would it be possible to have a statically linked sys-admin
shell built as part of the build process. Then you could literally
just have it[1] on a floppy and boot Linux with init=/bin/zsh_admin.

[1] Ignoreing the kernel and a _very_ small root fs (ok I guess you
probably want vi and fsck too ... but not much more).

James Antill -- james@xxxxxxx
I am always an optimist, but frankly there is no hope.
   -Hosni Mubarek

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