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Re: two completion questions

On Dec 13,  2:39pm, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Subject: Re: two completion questions
} Zefram wrote:
} > Globbing and completion never generate "." or ".." components; they are
} > filtered out in zreaddir().  The reason for this is that they are pretty
} > much never what you want.  If you have files named ".foo" and ".bar",
} > then type "." and press tab, are "." and ".." really what you want to
} > complete to?  Maybe there should be an option to complete to "." and
} > ".." just like normal filenames, but I think the default should very
} > definitely stay as being the current behaviour.
} Right. This makes it configurable with the special-dirs style. Can
} anyone think of a better name?

I'm dubious that '.' should ever be a completion by itself.  I really don't
want to type `.<TAB>' and end up with `./' on the line -- but I can see the
argument for wanting `..<TAB>' to behave that way.  Yes, it's exactly the
same number of keystrokes to type the slash yourself instead of a tab, but
habits are habits.

Completing '.' would be even more annoying with REC_EXACT.

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