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Re: PATCH: Add jobdirs association to parameter module

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> What is this chunk for?  It's going to mean the parameters are permanently
> stuck in the parameter table, even if the module is unloaded, and if the
> module is reloaded the parameters won't be.  Sven just fixed this a week or
> so ago.

Sigh...  I'm terribly embarrassed.  I made the change more than a week ago, and
wanted to try it before sending it.  Then I made the patch with the latest
version of parameter.c rather than the original version.

> It's a shame we didn't have more specific names for parameters, since the
> parameter module is quiet heavily used in completion, so there is quite a
> lot of name space pollution.  They stop being special if made local, but
> it's still a problem.  The ksh mechanism ${.param.jobdirs} would be
> excellent for this.

I agree, there is a problem with the name space pollution.  I would suggest
that zsh is included in the name, like  ${.zshparam.jobdirs} or
${.zsh.param.jobdirs} (I'm not familiar with ksh).  I think if we say that
parameters beginning with zsh are reserved for future expansion, then there is
room for expansion without stepping on people's toes.

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