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Namespaces again (was: RE: PATCH: Add jobdirs association to parameter module)

> Well, if someone wants to see if he can find any problems with this,
> it would be the patch below...

Is this really all that is needed? If I understand it correctly, this patch
simply makes `.' valid character for parameter names. It means, that both foo
and .bar.foo are put in the same (and the only) table ... both are happily
listed with `set' ... what's worse, it makes `foo.bar' hihgly ambiguous. It may
break scripts that do not expect `.' in parameter names ...

I'd expect `.' be treated as names separator - and only in context `.foo.bar'.
Thus `foo.bar' as identifier remains invalid alltogether (eliminating $foo.bar
ambiguity). We'll have default namespace for all names without dot and explicit
namespaces for name starting with dot. All commands should behave just as normal
Unix :-) - everything starting with dot is "hidden" by default. This should have
the minimum impact (as long, as users do not request namespaces, they simply do
not see them at all).


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author