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Re: Namespaces again (was: RE: PATCH: Add jobdirs association to parameter module)

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> > - What exactly would we gain by using different tables?
> It's really an internal matter.  If you can give the same impression easily
> without that's probably OK.
> > - In which way would they remain `invalid'? Especially from a user's
> >   point of view -- who should still be able to say `.a.b=c'.
> I think Andrej was saying ${a.b} should be invalid, which I agree with
> since otherwise it complicates things mightily --- i.e, if there are any
> dots in a name, there must be one at the beginning.  Just allowing
> `.' separators might be enough for testing, but it's too much of a hack for
> normal use.

Ah, I see. Yes, that sounds reasonable.

>  Unfortunately, catching all the relevant entry points to the
> parameter code to test this sort of thing tends to be rather a nuisance.


> It would be nice to get the full module name into the namespace, but
> perhaps ${.parameter.options} is a bit long.

I've been thinking some more... maybe we should only use it for
logical grouping. E.g. the parameters from zle ($BUFFER etc.) should
be $.zle.buffer etc. and the ones from the zleparameter module should
use the same prefix ($.zle.keymaps seems to make a lot more sense to
me than $.zleparam.keymaps or even $.zleparameter.keymap). And then
the parameter module could probably use `$.zsh.' as the prefix.

I think the result would be that the names say what they give access
to instead of saying where they come from - and I hope user's will
find this much less confusing.

> I think it's still early enough days with the parameter module to make this
> change without too many people throwing themselves off millennial
> landmarks.  We should decide if others need it.  mapfile is perhaps the
> only candidate, but then ${.mapfile.what?}, or can we get away with
> ${.mapfile} ?

Then there is the question how far we want to go. E.g. should we
change $BUFFER and friends? The special completion parameters like
$.comp.state, $.comp.prefix and so on?


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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