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Re: zsh and memory

Sven Wischnowsky <wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I wrote:
> > I'm really tempted to allocate heaps using mmap()
> > (anonymous) to get them out of the way of the zalloc() allocator. I
> > small test showed that with this I only get 39KB of free memory after
> > the completion test, which is really not too bad. I don't have a patch 
> > for that yet, though.
> ... and now I don't think I'll ever write one: neither Solaris nor
> Linux seem to have MAP_ANONYMOUS. Sniff.

Hmmm ... how are you calling mmap exactly?  I've definitely used
MAP_ANONYMOUS on Linux (as far back as kernel 1.3) and I think I've used it
on Solaris too.  Linux doesn't have shared anonymous mappings, i.e. you have

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