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PATCH: Re: complist bug and PATCH: spelling

Oliver Kiddle wrote:

> The menu selection doesn't seem to be working. I get:
> cd <tab><tab>    -- menu selection doesn't start
> 9999999          -- and SELECTMIN has been messed up

>From the docs for the complist module:

  When using the shell function based completion system, the
  tt(SELECTMIN) parameter should not be used (like the tt(ZLS_COLORS)
  and tt(ZLS_COLOURS) parameters described above). Instead, the tt(menu) 
  style should be used.

If I had a brain I would have thought about $SELECTMIN when I made the 
default styles set up in compinit use $ZLS_COLORS.

But still, if $SELECTMIN in set up after compinit is called, the
default will not work (nor will it work for people like me who use
`zstyle -d' to get rid of the defaults from compinit).


diff -ru ../z.old/Completion/Core/compinit Completion/Core/compinit
--- ../z.old/Completion/Core/compinit	Fri Dec 17 11:41:05 1999
+++ Completion/Core/compinit	Fri Dec 17 15:04:01 1999
@@ -479,6 +479,7 @@
 zstyle ':completion:correct'  prompt        'correct to:'
 zstyle ':completion:*'        completer     '_complete'
 zstyle ':completion*:default' list-colors   "${(s.:.)ZLS_COLORS:-${ZLS_COLOURS:-no=0:fi=0:di=0:ln=0:pi=0:so=0:bd=0:cd=0:ex=0}}"
+(( $+SELECTMIN )) && zstyle ':completion*:default' menu "select=$SELECTMIN"
 zstyle ':completion:*' tag-order 'arguments values' options \
                                  globbed-files directories all-files

Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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