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Glob problem with memory

When attempting to do an "echo *(/)" or use other glob qualifiers,
I've been getting a bus error with this stack trace on Solaris 5.6.
I started seeing this problem in builds sometime after Dec 14th.
I think it is related to the recently made memory changes.
I don't see the problem if I replace the hcalloc on line glob.c:1312
with a zcalloc, so the problem seems to be related to memory allocation.

#0  0x47370 in glob (list=0x17acac, np=0x17acec) at glob.c:1320
#1  0x98608 in globlist (list=0x17acac) at subst.c:222
#2  0x3c8ec in execcmd (cmd=0x17abec, input=0, output=0, how=2, last1=2)
    at exec.c:1815
#3  0x39578 in execpline2 (pline=0x17ac8c, how=2, input=0, output=0, last1=0)
    at exec.c:1062
#4  0x386b8 in execpline (l=0x17abd4, how=2, last1=0) at exec.c:875
#5  0x37fc8 in execlist (list=0x17ac9c, dont_change_job=0, exiting=0)
    at exec.c:744
#6  0x5747c in loop (toplevel=1, justonce=0) at init.c:145
#7  0x23414 in main (argc=2, argv=0xeffffa3c) at ./main.c:89


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author