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Re: PATCH: completion caching layer

Adam Spiers wrote:

> OK, I've written the first draft of the completion caching layer I
> mentioned I was thinking about ages ago.
> It uses two styles: use-cache (yes/no/1/0) and cache-path (the
> directory for the cache, defaults to ~/.zsh/cache).  I also included
> patches for _rpm and _perl_modules to show example uses.  I think
> you'll agree the interface is very simple.  Everything else should (!)
> be crystal clear; if not, please ask.
> The patch follows.  I won't commit until someone else has gone through
> it and thinks it looks OK.  I'll also write some documentation at some
> point ...

Shouldn't there be some way to flush the caches (in _retrieve_cache)?
I.e. some style that says when the caches should be rebuilt.

This could be done either by a style with values that describe update
policies sensible in enough possible contexts or by using a boolean
style and let users use `zstyle -e' to implement their own policy (and 
of course users could do that in the first case, too, but there may be 
ways to make this more convenient for common cases).


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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