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Re: excessive memory usage?

> If there isn't anything else in this file, then we don't need to use
> _arguments. Because calling _arguments with only one `*:...' spec and
> no options, no other arguments specs is the same as doing the action
> from the `*:...' spec. Only slower.

dict takes a number of options, so some of them will probably find their
way into the _arguments call.

> And if this is ever intended to be included in the distribution, the
> -M should be removed, there are enough styles around to give users the 
> possibility to define them if they want them. In a simple personal
> completion function, of course...

dict doesn't require any data to exist on the client machine; I content
myself to use dict.org, rather than running a server.  For the
distribution, I'd rather see dict used itself to get the available
words, say, by parsing `dict -m -s re '.*'` or perhaps something
more efficient.  Of course, I just tried this, and was greeted with
dict (xmalloc): Out of memory while allocating 4072 bytes


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