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RE: noglob and _match

> Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
> > bor@itsrm2% noglob ls *TAB
> >
> > bor@itsrm2% noglob ls Brodsky/
> > Completing file
> > Brodsky/      addrbook.d/   dikz/         observe/      test/
> > .....
> >
> > Is it correct in this case? I suspect, the same aplies to _expand as
> > well.
> Why not? I mean: you explicitly requested completion, so the
> completion system *must* think that you know what you're doing.

In this case I want to list all files that start with `*' :-))) I expect
from completion to list *real* arguments. It is the same as listing
shell functions as possible command completion after sudo. Yes, I
requested completion - but I never requested to ignore noglob. Exaclty,
because I used it, completion system *must* think I know what I'm doing.

> And it's pretty damn useful, I'd say. *Especially* with noglob (and
> even more if that noglob is hidden in an alias).

I think, it is a matter of personal preference ... what about - first
try with noglob respected, second not (something in the line with
fignore or ingnored-patterns). With two different tags for both? That is
probably not so easy I'm afraid.


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