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RE: Environ handling broken on Cygwin RE: Cygwin: environ problem

> Let me know if you want sourceforge developer stuff adding.

Probably, not. It needs ssh and I am behind a firewall ... and making
ssh to work with SOCKS is too much currently.

BTW could anybody send me a manual page for setenv()? Our system does
not have it and I'd like to know, if Cygwin version corresponds to Unix.

The patch does not look very hard (actually, it is ready) but it showed
memory leak in environment handling in Cygwin. putenv() allocates it's
own memory and nobody ever frees it. We can write configure checks for
that, but there is no way reliably free memory. So, we could currently
use just free() under #ifdef __CYGWIN__.

I got an answer from Cygwin developers that they probably change it in
future version tp more closely match Unix that adds to even more
confusion :-)


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