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Re: 'insecure directories' warning

On Jul 25,  4:17pm, Adam Spiers wrote:
} Subject: 'insecure directories' warning
} A month ago, Bart wrote:
} > The other problem is that when I answer "y" to the question "there are
} > insecure directories -- proceed?" I expected that to mean that it
} > would USE those directories, not ignore them.
} Nothing seems to have been done about this.

Yes, it has.  The patch was 12033 (the ChangeLog entry is rather brief).

} Also, it would be nice if the user gets told which directories are
} insecure, otherwise he doesn't stand much of a chance of fixing them.

Hrm.  Maybe a separate function to check for and report this?  I don't
know if we want the compinit output to get any more verbose than it is.
On the other hand, it's only a one-line change, so maybe some of you can
try this out and see what you think (the output is a couple of screenfuls
long for me because of RedHat's special groups trick):

Index: Completion/Core/compinit
@@ -371,6 +371,7 @@
     if [[ -n "$_i_q" ]]; then
       if [[ "$_i_fail" = ask ]]; then
+	print -l - $_i_wdirs $_i_wfiles
         if ! read -q "?There are insecure $_i_q, continue [ny]? "; then
           unfunction compinit compdef
           unset _comp_dumpfile _comp_secure compprefuncs comppostfuncs \

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