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Re: Bug or feature?

> > ii  zsh            3.1.6.pws21-1  A shell with lots of features.
> Agreed :-)
> That's pretty old. Could you install at least 3.1.9? In any case, I presume i
> t
> was a bug, since it works in current version.

I don't know if it's that simple, but I don't know if it isn't either.
We've got an old 3.1.6-dev-19 here and it works there, too.  But there was
no such version as 3.1.6.pws21 since I'd switched to using dev by then.  So
I don't know what this version is.  (It would be helpful if people
indicated the local part of their version numbers like Mandrake do by
sticking `mdk' at the point where their part of the number starts.)  I can
only guess it's a really old 3.1.6 and the 21 means something different.  I
know there were bugs with exit traps way back when (though probably
pre-3.1.6).  I'd certainly like to know if it's there with the latest

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