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Re: PATCH: environment handling rewrite

On Jul 28, 12:50pm, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
} This rewrites environment handling to use system supplied
} putenv()/getenv() if available.

I would have preferred that putenv/getenv not have been defined as
functions using those names, but rather that there was a new function
named zputenv and that the body of the new getenv had been left in
zgetenv; that is, put #ifdefs inside the bodies of zputenv/zgetenv.
It's probably not a real issue because the #ifdef'd putenv/getenv are
declared static, but in general it's best to avoid redeclaring symbols
that some other library might also decide to redeclare.

Also, minor nit-pick, but I dislike the coding style of putting a space
between a function's name and the opening paren of the parameter list.
I won't repeat "hate" three times, but it's not consistent with the rest
of the zsh style.

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