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Re: zstyle question: enter menu selection on lots of ambiguity

On Jul 28,  9:00am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} You can give `select=*' more than once, which especially makes sense
} if it's once with a number and once with `long*':
}   zstyle '*' menu yes=long select=long select=10
} (the manual says `In addition to (or instead of)...').

Yeah, it says `select' can be in addition to or instead of `yes' et al.
It doesn't say what happens when `select' is in addition to itself.  It
might be nice to clarify; are there other cases where it's meaningful to
give similar strings multiple times in the value of a style?

(I wasn't going to bother to reply to this, but one of my other messages
to zsh-workers seems to have vanished, so this is doubling as a test.)

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