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Re: Open bugs and questions?

Sven wrote:
> Semester-holiday has definitely begun now. So, does anyone have a list
> of unfixed bugs and open questions? Bart?

It's a bit too open, but I'm beginning to think we need a more integrated
feature control system in time for 4.0 (rather than at some unspecified
future date).  There's a lot more in the shell now, and people upgrading
will need a better way of deciding what to keep than deciding separately
which modules and which sets of shell functions they don't need.

You can pretty much do it already, actually, by manipulating OMIT_MODULES,
mymods.conf and FUNCTIONS_INSTALL, so possibly it can be done simply with
an extra pre-configuration tool and/or some additions during the running of
configure.  But I think some addition is necessary, preferably with
fine-grained control over the functions that go into each module (whether
to include Linux functions with the completion module, for example).

I would propose (just off the top of my head) the modules
  old completion
  new completion
  zle add ons (basic zle has to be there, but there are extra builtins/fns)
  for completeness, all the other modules in Modules even though they
    are essentially just the library code.
  prompt themes
  any other identifiable sets of functions (maybe even a misc module)

It might be necessary to rewrite some of the existing control mechanism to
facilitate this.  There are extra implications of integration, too:  if the
C code for a feature doesn't work, we don't want to install the functions,

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx>
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Cambridge, CB4 0XL, UK                          Tel: +44 (0)1223 392070

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