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Re: PATCH: Re: missing -o kshautoload checks

On Aug 1, 10:25am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > ...
} > 
} > I haven't actually tried it, but I'm pretty sure that if you `zcompile -z'
} > a file that ends with `[[ -o kshautoload ]] && $0 "$@"', and you have
} > kshautoload set, you'll end up executing the function *twice* the first
} > time it's autoloaded.
} No, it is *not* executed on the first call. Ok, it is executed, but
} one won't see that because it only redefines itself (and any helper
} functions).

I think you're wrong, but it's because I've tricked you with a typo.

The usual idiom is `[[ -o kshautoload ]] || $0 "$@"', but I wrote `&&'.

With && zsh will execute the function, because kshautoload does *not*
become temporarily unset just because the function is loaded with zsh
semantics.  However, the first execution just harmlessly redefines the
function, so you won't notice.

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