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Re: PATCH: completion caching layer

Adam Spiers wrote:

> ...
> OK, I've implemented this via the 'cache-policy' style, which should
> contain the name of a function which returns zero iff the cache needs
> rebuilding.  _cache_invalid is a helper function which makes it easy
> to perform this calculation.
> Here's the patch (with documentation too, woohoo!)  It's quite big,
> mainly because of reindentation.  I'd be very grateful if one or two
> people could give it a quick thrashing to see whether I've
> missed/broken anything (it seems fine for me but ...)  I'll commit it
> if it works for someone else or if I get bored of waiting for people
> to try :-)

It's a bit unfortunate that _cache_invalid can be called twice (in
your examples), once directly and once from _retrieve_cache. I think.

And why do _cache_invalid and _retrieve_cache re-define themselves?
There's nothing else in the files (_retrieve_cache doesn't even call
its new definition). Or have I missed something?

And the styles or not in the style list in compsys.yo. Nor in _zstyle
(I always forget that, too ;-).

About the lookup: I /think/ it would be more convenient if the type of 
information cached would appear in the context, so that you could say
`zstyle ":completion:*:rpms" cache-policy ...'. Haven't really played
with it yet, though.

And another thing: with `zstyle -e' one could use a boolean style
`cache-invalid' or whatever and let the user do the rest. It's hard to 
give arguments to that, though. Other than by documenting
$_cache_path, that is.

Minor comment: `foo && return 0' is both smaller and faster than
`if foo; then return 0; fi'. But since I may have done that myself,
I'll better not say this too loudly ;-}


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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