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INSTALL text for mymods.conf

Following these instructions from INSTALL:

Note that mymods.conf replaces the standard list of linked-in modules from
Src/xmods.conf.  If you wish to add to the standard list, copy the lines
that begin with "L " from xmods.conf into mymods.conf and remove the "L "
from each such line in mymods.conf.  Then add the names of other modules
that you want to link.  Module names typically must begin with "zsh/";
only modules appearing in Src/Aliases/*.mdd may omit the "zsh/" prefix.

Produces an error:

ERROR: linked-in module `cap' depends on `zsh/cap'

And I rather expect it'll produce several more like that if I fix that
one.  Now, I suppose that the last sentence above about the "zsh/" prefix
could be construed to mean I should fix some of the lines from which I
removed "L ", but it certainly doesn't read that way, and "cap.mdd" DOES
appear in Src/Aliases.

I'd suggest new text, but we're talking about dumping module aliases, so
whoever either fixes or expunges that feature should fix INSTALL as well.

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