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Re: Rpm completion problem

On Aug 5,  5:08pm, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} On Aug 5, 12:25am, Wayne Davison wrote:
} }
} } I've noticed a problem in rpm completions when I specify the 'p'
} } (package file) option bunched up with other options.
} This was discussed in the thread referenced by zsh-workers/11752, and
} I think the patch in 11985 was supposed to provide a way to fix it, but
} _rpm never got updated.

The last word in that discussion appears to have been   Sven, do you
recall whether you every did anything specific to this?

I remarked in 11742:

} Currently _rpm uses `-p+' as the spec for the -p option.  That means that
} anything that will follow the -p (including package file name) is allowed
} to appear in the same word, or in the next word.
} If we remove the `+', then "rpm -qpc" doesn't match the spec `-p', and so
} completion doesn't enter the `package_file' state -- it instead enters the
} `package_or_file' state (the default spec from the `query' state).

This is no longer the problem; remove the `+' and `rpm -qpc <TAB>' completes
package file names exactly as it should.  However, `rpm -qp<TAB>' inserts a
space rather than completing `c' et al.

Based on my exchange with Sven as quoted in 11793, I'd say that _rpm needs
another ->state in order to handle bunched query options following -qp, or
at least that the package_file state needs to be tweaked somehow.  In the
meantime, if you don't mind having to make `p' be the last option in any
bunch beginning with `-q', just remove the `+' on line 62 of _rpm.

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