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RE: PATCH: static cygwin compilation

> I can't get dynamic linking on cygwin to work, and the problem is somewhere
> in the middle of dllwrap which is giving no help, so I won't be able to
> debug this any time soon.

Do you have the latest binutils? There were problems with dllwrap before. And
if you got cygwin-1.1.4, it is broken; there is a trivial fix - see


> Static linking is now broken:  the following seems to fix it up.  However,
> I won't be able to tell if this re-breaks dynamic compilation.  If I've
> understood the meaning of MODULE correctly, it shouldn't.

Sorry. It needs rewrite anyway. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with zpty under
Cygwin currently. '\n' misteriously disappears when reading from master side
and I cannot find why (more precisely - pty handler converts '\n' to '\r\n',
as per ONLCR. Reading from master gives me just '\r'. In 1.1.3 it got EOF at
the same place).

Probably, I give up for a while and better clean up build process.


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