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Re: PATCH: New _read and selective parameter completion

Oliver Kiddle wrote:

> This adds an _arguments based completion function for read. I don't think
> we have too many builtins left where conversion to use _arguments would
> still be useful. Any requests?       
> I thought about modifying _vars to insert the '[' for arrays and
> associations but _parameters would first need to be given an option to
> make it only complete specific types of parameter. Would anyone object
> to my adding this? I was thinking of a -g option (analogous to the -g
> option of _files) where the pattern specified would be augmented with
> ~*local* and used to match the values in the $parameters association.
> I mentioned this vaguely before in 11284 and Sven had some good ideas
> in his reply (11293). The focus there is more towards having the
> patterns configurable via a style similar to the file-patterns tag but
> my suggested option would I think be a useful first step.

Yes. The other stuff can be added later.

I'd be happy if we were able to use _parameters in all places where
parameters are completed (e.g. in _arrays), just as we use _files now.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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