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Re: .zshlogout

On Aug 14,  2:00pm, Charles Parkinson Fry wrote:
> Subject: .zshlogout
> I am running RedHat Linux 6.2, and my .zshlogout is not run when I
> logout of an X-session.

It's .zlogout, not .zshlogout.

I presume you mean exiting from a shell running in an xterm or other
emulator, and that you don't mean closing down your entire X server
session and returning to the console or XDM login prompt.

Xterm and most other terminal emulators by default do not create login
shells.  This is under the assumption that login-time environment has
already been set up before the X server starts and thus will already be
inherited by the shell running inside the xterm.  This is of course not
true when the xterm is running on a remote host with $DISPLAY pointing
to the local server.

You can force xterm to run a login shell by adding the resource:

XTerm*LoginShell: true

or by running `xterm -ls'.  There are similar resources for rxvt etc.

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