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RE: Seg fault with zmodload -u

> zsh -f
> zmodload -ud zsh/zleparameter zsh/zle
> zsh: 18383 segmentation fault  zsh -f
> I found this because I was going through the various zmodload options
> because I was doing an _arguments based completion for it. It happens
> wherever the dependencies are defined, i.e, zmodload -d foo bar;zmodload
> -du foo bar will also result in a seg fault.
> This is on 3.1.9-dev-4 plus patches up to 12568 on AIX. If it isn't
> reproducible elsewhere, I'll upgrade to the latest cvs and try again.

With the latest CVS:

bor@itsrm2% zsh -f
itsrm2% zmodload -ud zsh/zleparameter zsh/zle
zsh: bus error (core dumped)  zsh -f

Note, that bus error normaly means unaligned memory access here (MIPS R4400).
That is quite different from out-of-bounds error.

In any case, if you can test if current CVS builds on AIX, it would be very
nice. I made some changes for Cygwin - hopefully, they do not affect other

> On the subject of zmodload completion, how would I prevent the 'module
> alias' description from being displayed when there are no module
> aliases - do I have to put the zmodload -A output in an array first and
> then not call the _requested line if the array is empty - or is there a
> better way?

I use grouping (zstyle ':completion:*' group-name '') and if there are no
matches for a given tag, it is not printed. Dunno in general case.


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