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RE: PATCH: _zmodload

> Well here is the _arguments version and I've also tried to make use of
> the $modules parameter where possible. Is my strategy of retricting the
> arguments to _tags and then completing everything in the while _tags
> loop okay? It seems to work and was the easiest way I could find to
> handle _zmodload seeing as it has all the flags first.

This lists modules twice - once with extension and once without:

bor@itsrm2% zmodload zsh/cap
Completing module file
cap               cap.so*           clone             clone.so*       
compctl           compctl.so*       complete          complete.so*    
complist          complist.so*      computil          computil.so*    
deltochar         deltochar.so*     example           example.so*     
files             files.so*         mapfile           mapfile.so*     
mathfunc          mathfunc.so*      parameter         parameter.so*   
rlimits           rlimits.so*       sched             sched.so*       
stat              stat.so*          zftp              zftp.so*        
zle               zle.so*           zleparameter      zleparameter.so*
zprof             zprof.so*         zpty              zpty.so*        
zutil             zutil.so*                                         


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