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PATCH: test for network libraries (for test only)/problems with name resolution

[ Moved to zsh-workers ]

This patch tries more intellegent test for needed network libraries. In my
case it correctly finds -lresolv and related functions. I'm a bit confused
about Solaris. Up to Solaris 7 there is no gethostbyname2; Solaris 7 has it as
LOCAL in -lresolv and Solaris 8 has it in -lnsl (actually Solaris 8 has
everything there, this is the reason why it builds smoothly). Roland, what
version was it that had problem? If it is Solaris 7, either it has some magic
or broken headers.

The patch is against current CVS; it should apply to 3.1.9 with some fuzz, if
not, I can send generated configure.

I do not commit it for two reasons:

 - I'd like to know, that it does not break some other system
 - I'm trapped on my own system. The problem is, now, when gethostbyname2 is
correctly found, name resolution goes via resolver library. But this is using
/etc/hosts only as fallback "if nameserver is not running" (at least in
original bind implemetation as found here). Due to our infrastructure, it is
unacceptable to me.

If I understand it correctly, gethostbyname2 and getipnodebyname are needed to
support IPv6. Which means, that as long as it is NOT supported, they are not
needed and we may fallback to good old gethostbyname. I can just hope that if
IPv6 will ever be suppored here, there will be some reasonable name-to-address
translation support as well.

Any ideas?


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