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PATCH: another AIX specific completion function

I just realised that I had never added the AIX specific
_logical_volumes completion despite using it in _lslv so here it is.

I've now finished on my job where I used AIX so I won't be fixing any
more of the AIX specific problems. It's actually a little while now
since I've had to fix the dependencies for AIX so I suspect that Andrej
has been able to pick up missing mod_exports in the process of doing
all his good work on dynamic loading in cygwin. If not, it's fairly
easy to work out what to do from the error messages given by the AIX
C compiler if anyone comes up against them.

I'll actually be away altogether from next week because I'm taking
several months off to go travelling. I'll have a little bit of time
this week so if there was any little things I said I'd do, please
remind me.


Index: Completion/AIX/_logical_volumes
RCS file: _logical_volumes
diff -N _logical_volumes
--- /dev/null   Tue May  5 13:32:27 1998
+++ _logical_volumes    Sun Aug 27 09:48:39 2000
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+local expl list names disp
+list=( $(lsvg -l $(lsvg)|sed  -e '2d'|awk '/[^:]* / {if ( $7 != "N/A" ) print $1 ":" $7; else print $1}' ) )
+if zstyle -T ":completion:${curcontext}" verbose; then
+  zformat -a list ' -- ' $list
+  disp=(-d list)
+  disp=()
+_wanted logicalvolumes expl 'logical volumes' \
+    compadd "$disp[@]" "$@" - "$names[@]"

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