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PATCH: allopts

This function was added in 3.1.5-pws-8 after one of the longest discussion
threads in zsh-users history.  And I just now noticed that Peter broke it
by adding that "emulate" command, which resets some of the options that the
function is supposed to report!

There are also a couple of unnecessary semicolons and a completely useless
use of &&, which have been there since the zsh-users posted version.

Index: Functions/Misc/allopt
@@ -8,17 +8,16 @@
 # Written by Sweth Chandramouli with hacks by Bart Schaefer.
 listalloptions () {
-   emulate -R zsh
    builtin setopt localoptions kshoptionprint
    for OPT_PAIR in "${(f)$(builtin setopt)}" ; do
       OPT_VALUE=${OPT_PAIR##* }
       OPT_NAME=${OPT_PAIR%% *}
       if [[ ${OPT_NAME#no} != ${OPT_NAME} ]] ; then
-         OPT_VALUE=${(L)${${OPT_VALUE:s/on/OFF}:s/off/on}} &&
-            OPT_NAME=${OPT_NAME#no};
-      fi;
-      echo ${(r:21:)OPT_NAME} ${OPT_VALUE}
+	 OPT_VALUE=${(L)${${OPT_VALUE:s/on/OFF}:s/off/on}}
+      fi
+      echo "${(r:21:)OPT_NAME} ${OPT_VALUE}"

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