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PATCH: Fix color arrays set up by `colors'

This rectifies a couple of problems I introduced in 11866:  The color `grey'
disappeared from some of the associative arrays (because there really is no
such thing -- ANSI calls it `black') and the names of most of the colors in
the bg* assoc'ys were wrong.  If you've been seeing glitches in your themed
prompts, this will probably clear them up.

Index: Functions/Misc/colors
@@ -63,17 +63,17 @@
 # Foreground
 typeset -AHg fg fg_bold fg_no_bold
-for k in ${(v)color[(I)fg-*]}; do
-    fg[${color[$k]}]="$lc$k$rc"
-    fg_bold[${color[$k]}]="$lc${color[bold]};$k$rc"
-    fg_no_bold[${color[$k]}]="$lc${color[normal]};$k$rc"
+for k in ${(k)color[(I)fg-*]}; do
+    fg[${k#fg-}]="$lc${color[$k]}$rc"
+    fg_bold[${k#fg-}]="$lc${color[bold]};${color[$k]}$rc"
+    fg_no_bold[${k#fg-}]="$lc${color[normal]};${color[$k]}$rc"
 # Background
 typeset -AHg bg bg_bold bg_no_bold
-for k in ${(v)color[(I)bg-*]}; do
-    bg[${color[$k]}]="$lc$k$rc"
-    bg_bold[${color[$k]}]="$lc${color[bold]};$k$rc"
-    bg_no_bold[${color[$k]}]="$lc${color[normal]};$k$rc"
+for k in ${(k)color[(I)bg-*]}; do
+    bg[${k#bg-}]="$lc${color[$k]}$rc"
+    bg_bold[${k#bg-}]="$lc${color[bold]};${color[$k]}$rc"
+    bg_no_bold[${k#bg-}]="$lc${color[normal]};${color[$k]}$rc"

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