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Re: PATCH: "User Contributions" manual, & misc.

On Sep 5, 10:34am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} - The indexes for the styles say `completion style' even for those
}   styles looked up with a non-:completion context. Sounds wrong,
}   doesn't it? If only I knew what to write instead...

I almost changed the predict-on style index entries to read "predictive
typing style" but that's too long to fit in the space info allots.

Perhaps "widget style", since it's for a ZLE widget?  (But there are
completion widgets, too, so ...)

} - The place where the zsh/zpty module is mentioned (in info, at the
}   nslookup function) is messed up (by the automatic module-docs-stuff).

Can you explain what's "messed up" in a bit more detail?  (I didn't put
a cross-reference in there; perhaps that's what you think went wrong?)

This patch also throws in some words of wisdom about completers for the
:completion:predict context.

Index: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo
@@ -451,6 +451,14 @@
         _complete _correct
 zstyle ':completion:predict:*' completer \ 
+It is a good idea to restrict the completers used in prediction, because
+they may be automatically invoked as you type.  The tt(_list) and
+tt(_menu) completers should never be used with prediction.  The
+tt(_approximate), tt(_correct), tt(_expand), and tt(_match) completers may
+be used, but be aware that they may change characters anywhere in the word
+behind the cursor, so you need to watch carefully that the result is what
+you intended.
 kindex(cursor, completion style)
@@ -640,7 +648,10 @@
 item(tt(nslookup) [ var(arg) ... ])(
 This wrapper function for the tt(nslookup) command requires the
-tt(zsh/zpty) module.  It behaves exactly like the standard tt(nslookup)
+tt(zsh/zpty) module (see
+ifnzman(noderef(The zsh/zpty Module))\
+).  It behaves exactly like the standard tt(nslookup)
 except that it provides customizable prompts (including a right-side
 prompt) and completion of nslookup commands, host names, etc. (if you use
 the function-based completion system).  Completion styles may be set with

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