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Re: When should interactive option be set/.zshrc read?

Andrej wrote:
> "Environment" includes current option settings, aliases, functions
> etc. SUS V2 shell supports job control, and has MONITOR option that is on
> if shell is interactive. But it is silent on what happens with these
> options in subshell.

This probably means we've already broken it by unsetting MONITOR, in which
case unsetting INTERACTIVE as well would be logical.

However, it's not true that running in a subshell changes the basic feature
of an interactive shell: standard input remains the tty, and the shell
continues to read commands from the usual source --- unless, of course, the
subshell is for some special purpose, such as a command substitution or
part of a pipeline.  But by that score we would have to unset INTERACTIVE
when the current shell is running as the righthand side of a pipeline,
which is clearly not on.  So it's not all that clear cut.

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