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ZLE and handling of MARK

If one sets the mark in zle and then delete characters to the left of it
by assigning to a slice of $BUFFER in a user-defined widget, the mark
remains in the same numeric position rather than the same logical position.

If instead one deletes characters by using the builtin widgets, the mark
stays in the same logical position (its numeric position changes as the
line gets shorter).  The two cases should be consistent, no?

One other observation:

If one sets the mark and then moves around in the history, the mark stays
at the same numeric position in each recalled line, moving only if a line
is too short for it to stay in that position AND some reference to the mark
is made (such as invoking exchange-point-and-mark).  I'm not sure whether
such behavior makes sense or not ... and if it changes, some functions in
Functions/Zle will have to change, too.

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