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RE: Module hierarchies, aliasing, and dependencies

> It *was* my assumption that the file name relative to $module_path would
> be the single argument to zmodload when loading the module, but of course
> there's no particular reason to assume that, either.
> } zmodload -f /path/to/my/module.so zsh/zle
> That would be fine, except that it requires you to know the full path
> to the module and the shared object extension, so it won't work in a
> cross-platform way.  How about instead something like
> zmodload -N zsh/zle my/module

Thinking more about it, I was wrong. The problem is linked-in modules. We
obviously cannot "overload" them with external file. It means, that the above
command must fail with some error message. This creates ugly special case. The
same applies to your idea.

If we use just module name + path search, it works nicely for linked-in
modules as well. Just assume (and document) that linked-in modules are
implicitly prepended to module_path and so always "found" first.


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