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Vanishing first character in completion listing

Ths is odd.  I was using accept-and-menu-complete to add file names to the
command line, and when the line wrapped (thus causing the listing to be
redraw one line farther down) the `B' in `Builtins' vanished.

I've inserted the line break at column 80 in the cut'n'paste output below,
to show where the wraparound happened.  I don't actually know for sure if
the B vanished as soon as the line wrapped or not until Src/builtin.c was
completed.  My xterm does have auto-wraparound enabled.

zagzig[510] cvs commit -m '' ChangeLog Src/utils.c Src/signals.c Src/glob.c Src/
exec.c Src/builtin.c
 uiltins/   Zle/        signals.c   exec.c                          
Modules/    utils.c     glob.c      builtin.c

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