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Re: generals observations about completion system

E. Jay Berkenbilt wrote:

Most of this has been answered or is being thought about or worked
upon elsewhere, so I'll jump to:

> ...
>  2.  The ssh completion function does not use the user-hosts style
>      even though this style is documented.  (If it uses it, I've
>      missed it.)  It knows about ssh's ability to say ssh user@host
>      rather than ssh host -l user.  You can easily override the list
>      of hosts to be completed by setting the hosts style for the ssh
>      command, but this doesn't entirely solve the problem.  If I hit
>      ssh TAB
>      I get a list of all users and hosts.  There are a lot more users
>      on my system than there are hosts that I ssh to.  I want to
>      change ssh to complete only on hosts, not on users.  If I want
>      users, I'll use -l.  There seems to be no good way to do this
>      without simply copying and modifying the _ssh file.

Look at the `tag-order' style (probably the most important style). If
you're feeling bold, look at the `hidden' style (probably together
with `group-name'; it would allow you to just keep the user names from 
being listed).


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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