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Option completion after "nono"

On Oct 6,  2:53pm, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} We use nonomatch not because of globbing, but because of ~... and
} =... expansion.

Speaking of using nonomatch, have you tried to complete it?

zagzig% setopt nonom<TAB>
nonomagicequalsubst   nonomarkdirs          nonomultios
nonomailwarn          nonomenucomplete      
nonomailwarning       nonomonitor           

Hmm, where is it?  Delete the `m' and try again:

zagzig% setopt nono<TAB>
zsh: do you wish to see all 144 possibilities (48 lines)? y
nonoallexport             nonoglobalrcs             nonomonitor
nonoalwayslastprompt      nonoglobassign            nonomultios
nonoalwaystoend           nonoglobcomplete          nononomatch	  <--!!
nonoappendhistory         nonoglobdots              nononotify
nonoautocd                nonoglobsubst             nononullglob
(remaining 43 lines deleted)

Hmm, OK, let's try with only one `no':

zagzig% setopt no<TAB>
noallexport             noglobalrcs             nomonitor
noalwayslastprompt      noglobassign            nomultios
noalwaystoend           noglobcomplete          nonomatch         <--!!
noappendhistory         noglobdots              nonotify
noautocd                noglobsubst             nonullglob
(remaining 43 lines deleted)

So it appears to be impossible to complete "nomatch" and "notify"; only 
"nonomatch" and "nonotify" can be completed, and then only if you menu-
complete them from a word *not* beginning with "nono".

There has to be some kind of matcher-magic to insert into _options (and
into the example in the "Matching Control" doc) that means to accept
matches both with _and without_ the leading "no" deleted, but I can't
work out what it is.

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