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NCR compiler problems on NCR

I'm trying to make some use of an old NCR machine but I am having some trouble
compiling Zsh with the native compiler. The configure script works out that there
is a 64 bit type of long long and so zlong is defined as such. However the compiler
does not like the following syntax:

extern long long func1();

    /* This fails */
    int Z1 = (int)func1();
    /* This is OK */
    long long Z2 = func1();

Giving errors like:

>>>At "b.c", 8: >>>>>>>>   S Y S T E M   E R R O R   1   <<<<<<<<, in 
pop() -- stack is empty!

This is a problem in the zsh src (I'm using 3.1.9) with all the references
to zstrtol() which is of type zlong->long long. 

Trying to compile gcc on this machine is also not going very well so I need
a way to dissable the detection of long long type or some other way to get 
round this problem. It has an old zsh 2.6 which works but needs to be 

cc -V gives me: NCR High Performance C Compiler R1.0 (SCDE 2.03.00)

If any one knows how to fix the compiler, fix the zsh src config or build
a working gcc I'd love to know.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author