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RE: completion widgets in menu selection

> In the last several weeks, I raised three issues on this list:
>  1. a|TAB being broken (which was fixed and I assume committed to
>     CVS)
>  2. being able to more flexibly say that the completion rules for one
>     command should be identical to another (as in _rlogin) without
>     requiring Draconian restrictions on how completion functions
>     should be organized
>  3. (my favorite) being able to insert all completions that match the
>     current shell globbing expression into the commandline.
> The first issue is obviously resolved.  The second issue has generated
> less traffic than the third and I haven't had much trouble following.
> It seems like a good track is being followed.
> On the final issue, I'm confused about where things are going.  I've
> decided that, as Bart suspected all along, I don't really like TAB
> automatically "expanding" my glob expression even in the case of cvs
> add.  What I think I really like is the _insert_all_matches option.
> That way I can hit TAB to see what would complete without actually
> having the completion be done, and if I'm satisfied, do something like
> ^Xi to do the expansion.  Has this functionality actually been added,
> or was it just discussed?

Hey ho! Now I'm not alone! :-)))

Yes, all prerequisites are  implemented in current CVS. What is missing, is
the widget/key binding itself, but if you use example from docs verbatim, it
works. I've tried it and I confirm it.

If you have suggestions what this _insert_all_matches should do - you are
welcome. The difference between example and my version is that in my version
you could hit ^Xi - and if there was no list, it called normal completion. Is
this interesting? Example from docs will work only after existing list has
already been generated.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author