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Re: PATCH: ptyread eating CPU on Cygwin

On Oct 18,  3:30pm, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
} O.K., this is very simple patch that makes ptyread use select. Sven,
} could you look at conditions there?

I'm not Sven, but HAVE_SELECT does not imply having FD_ZERO or an fd_set

On the other hand, I've just noticed that other code assumes in several
places that it does imply those things, so it's probably OK.

However, using a NULL timeout structure in the select() call has turned a
non-blocking read into a fully blocking one.  If you're going to do that,
you might as well throw out the select() call and just set the descriptor
back to blocking state before calling read().  I suspect there's a good
reason it was a non-blocking read in the first place, though.

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