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Re: script using vared to read commands - history bug

On Oct 20, 12:13am, Greg Klanderman wrote:
} If I run the following script:
}     #!/bin/zsh
}     prompt="%B%%%b "
}     while cmd="" && vared -h -p "$prompt" cmd ; do 
}       echo " -- got: $cmd"
}       print -s - "$cmd"
}     done
} it works as intended, except that the most recent 
} command never appears in the history.  What's up?

What's up is that the history code doesn't really expect to be invoked
from a non-interactive shell, even though `vared -h' will let you get
away with it, so nothing is properly initialized until the second time
you write something to the history, and thereafter it's always off by

If the first thing you do at the prompt in this script is type ctrl-p,
zsh 3.1.9 will core dump.  (3.0.8 doesn't seem to have that part of the

If there's a straightforward solution to this, I don't know enough about
the history mechanism to find it quickly.  There are a number of places
in zle_hist.c that never check to see whether quietgethist() returns 0
(which is what produces the core dump), but it's not merely that the
history is empty, because you don't get a core dump at the first prompt
from `zsh -f'.

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