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Re: still confused about completion and matching

>   > >   Good move I say. Well, look at the _arguments, it should be
>   > >   enough.
>   Of course, I immediately realized, that there are two completions
>   here. One for smbclient arguments (command line) and another one
>   for smbclient commands (that is, inside of interactive
>   session). Can tcsh do the latter? :-))

No, it can't. :-)  However, years ago, I had a program called "ile"
(input line editor) that could add editing capabilities to arbitrary
commands.  It wouldn't be hard to write a modern version of this
command using something like gnu readline attached to a pty in which
was running some interactive command....  I wonder how hard it would
be to get zsh to do something like this.

>   If you are really motivated, look at the nslookup function and its usage of
>   zsh/zpty for controlling interactive command. Theoretically, you could
>   complete remote filenames, print jobs ... I love zsh :-))

Wow.... me too. :-)

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