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Re: still confused about completion and matching

I've been using zsh from the repository with the patches that enabled
my fancy glob completion behavior for a few weeks now and I have had
no problems with that or any other aspect of completion behavior.  I
get a little thrill every time I type a shell regexp and hit TAB
now. :-)  It seems that the changes have still not been committed to
the repository.  Is this because we're still waiting for reactions
from people who are not using the new patches or because we forgot or
for some other reason?  The part of me that is sending this message is
the part that monitors for unresolved issues and yearns for the day
when I can use an unpatched zsh. :-)

I still haven't had time to write my smbclient completion function.
I've also added rewriting _rcs to use _arguments to my "eventually"
list unless someone else gets to it first.  As brought up by another
user (Vincent Lefevre) the current behavior doesn't handle the more
subtle aspects of rcs's behavior very well.  I've run into this
several times myself either when looking at RCS directories that are
really on Windows machines or using rcs commands directly to cheat
while looking at CVS repositories.  I think I know rcs well enough to
(with the help of the rcs manual pages of course) rewrite _rcs....


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author