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Re: PATCH: completing patterns (was: Re: PATCH: _rcs (was Re: still confused about completion and matching))

>   Ok, here is the patch how I'll commit it in a few moments. The two
>   lines Jay complained about (and which I weren't that sure about, too)
>   have been commented out (see 13074).


>   This patch does not include any changes to the handling of
>   insert-unambiguous as discussed in 13076/13077.  Maybe if we change
>   the test in question so that menu completion is only started
>   (regardless of insert-unambiguous) if the unambiguous string is empty?
>   Or allow some more values for insert-unambiguous to express the
>   different ways to handle insertion of unambiguous strings?

I don't have strong feelings about this.  I don't completely
understand it either though.

>   I would be thankful if Jay could confirm that I committed the right
>   patch (there were so many of them ;-).

Consider it confirmed.  I moved the patched files out of the way and
did a cvs update.  The only thing that has changed is the addition of
the comment you included with the commenting out of those two lines...

Now we'll see what happens. :-)


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