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Re: Bug in cygwin with select and master pty

On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 02:12:50PM +0300, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
>> I didn't see any followup to this but the new (1.1.5) release of cygwin
>> should not have this problem.
>Chris, are you hearing on this list too?

I've been reading the zsh-workers list for about four or five years, yes.

>> >Anyway, fiddling with currently released versions of cygwin is pretty
>> >useless wrt to zpty (all of them are buggy in some way).  Unfortunately
>> >(to us) zsh seems to be the only program that has these problems.  With
>> >all implications.
>> Have all of these problems been reported to the cygwin mailing list?  Are
>> there still problems in 1.1.5?
>Yes. Build problem with termcap, EOF problem with pty, one more problem in
>pre-1.1.5 snapshots and the above select problem.

None of these statements are adequate to track any problems down, unfortunately.

>The select problem is not fixed in 1.1.5-6.

1.1.5-6 is history.


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