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Mandrake 7.2 and zsh - locale problems

Now, when I'm proud owner of home PC ... :-)

This was fresh install of downloaded ISO. Mandrake sets user locale by
sourcing /etc/sysconfig/i18n in one of the /etc/profile.d scripts (sorry if I
get paths wrong). The scripts in /etc/profile.d get sourced in /etc/profile
for corr. shells.

7.2 is shipped with nearly empty /etc/zprofile that leads to empty LANG, LC_*.
That has obvious implications and some interesting effects - e.g. man won't
display upper characters (they happen a lot to my surprise even in english
manual pages) - instead you get <HEX>.

Offhand - commercial Unices that I am aware of normally set locale parameters
exactly once, somewhere near system start (by init) and just let all porcesses
inherit it. Both ways probably have there merits and drawbacks.

Zsh reports 3.1.9 version. I'd like to recompile the last CVS release - where
can I get specs for Zsh RPM, and how do I use them? :-)


Have a nice DOS!
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