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Re: trivial patch to _rlogin to make rcp complete more like scp

On Nov 18, 10:37am, E. Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
} scp file hostTAB
} where host is something that unambiguously completes to a host, scp
} adds a colon to the end of the host.  If you then hit space, the colon
} stays.
} If you do the same with rcp, the colon disappears after a space.  The
} same thing goes with user@.
} I think that keeping the colon is the Right Thing (TM) since it
} actually means something.
} I'm not convinced that this is the right behavior with the @.

I'm pretty sure it's not the right behavior with @.

} The only way I could figure this out was to do a careful comparison
} between the _rlogin and _ssh code.  The -q flag to _alternative seems
} to be either missing from the documentation or very well hidden.

Look closely:

}          _alternative \
}  	    'files:: _files' \
} -	    'hosts:: _rlogin_all_hosts -qS:' \
} -	    'users:: _rlogin_users -qS@' && ret=0
} +	    'hosts:: _rlogin_all_hosts -S:' \
} +	    'users:: _rlogin_users -S@' && ret=0

The -q and -S flags are inside quotation marks; they're not flags to
_alternative, they're flags to _rlogin_all_hosts and _rlogin_users,
which eventually pass them to _combination which passes them to compadd.
This is documented in info, but the comment at the top of _combination
is wildly out of date, particularly with respect to what it says about
how _telnet calls _combination.

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